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Using frozen semen from proven game working patterdales of the present and past.

1. Fulford's Noah
2. Fulford's Bill
3. Braveheart's Mick of Dead Game
4. Schaffer's John Steed
5. Henderson's Barry Cuda

Breeding Patterdales With Integrity

About Prayndig'n Patterdale's 


Hello, my name is Rich Lee from South Central, Pennsylvania. I'm the owner of Prayndig'n Patterdale's. The only reason for this website is to help you (yes, you) prevent making the same mistakes I made years back in buying Patterdale/Fell terriers. This site will also help you buy field-tested equipment. These dogs are not a toy breed and will be the nemesis of the neighborhood if not kept under restraint. I'm not interested in lure coursing, racing, fly ball, or conformation contest. I'm not even an expert on Patterdale/Fell terriers. I don't know much about their pedigrees, color, or coats. I'm not looking for show dogs. I'm looking to breed little terriers (males and females under 14 lbs.) that will stay till dug to!!!

I'm looking for small terriers big enough in heart to find his own sparring partner, keeping his sparring partner backed up in sett waiting on me!!!! I don't care how they do it, mouth-to-mouth or baying, at this time I thank the breeders past, present, and future for breeding the dog's that stay till dug to.


Learn about Patterdales to make an educated decision.

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Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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