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Tribute to My Friend

On August 3, 2017, my good Christian friend, Brandon Cable, 47, was called into the presence of his Savior, Jesus Christ. You meet very few men like Brandon. In the dog world, his word was like a covenant, his honesty was like a bond, and his friendship was so unselfish. I will miss Brandon like many others will, but this one thing I know for sure: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16 We will meet again my friend!

Using frozen semen from proven game working patterdales of the present and past.

1. Fulford's Noah - Click Here for Pedigree
2. Fulford's Bill - Click Here for Pedigree
3. Braveheart's Mick of Dead Game - Click Here for Pedigree
4. Schaffer's John Steed - Click Here for Pedigree
5. Henderson's Barry Cuda - Click Here for Pedigree



If you are a puppy peddler and if you have no intention of working our hunting stock, we would ask you to please buy your pups from someone else.

My partners and I are dedicated to hunting our dogs first and foremost. We will no longer sell to you. You have bought your first and last "first generation" pup from us. Anyone who would breed a pup at only 10 months old is only exploiting the breed for monetary gain.

These puppy peddlers masquerade themselves around as terriermen, barking comic book stories with fairytale endings, like hucksters selling their wares on street corners. You have no proof that you are getting a puppy from breeding stock, outside of a pedigree. Within a few generations they will be just average dogs at best. They were bred to untested dogs and can only be sold to those who don't know better. We find this to be very discouraging to the true terrierman who wants to do right by his dog.

Queenie has elevated her status to breeding stock she is 3 1/2 years old, never been bred before. She is going to be bred to John Steed (frozen semen) next time she comes in heat.

Our code of conduct is this - There are 2 classifications of dogs: "Hunting Stock" and "Breeding Stock." You do not breed "hunting stock;" you only breed "breeding stock." That takes a lot of time and a big dose of testicular fortitude, not only by the breeder, but by the dog also. When you raise a dog for 3 to 4 years and he's a good hunting dog, then you put the test to him. If he can elevate himself to the next level, then you have good "Breeding Stock". Most dogs will not make it to that level but they can still be vital hunting stock on any yard. To those who make it, congratulations on your "breeding stock."

We do not dock tails or dew claws. As hunters, we have found there were many times when we wished that either our arms or their tails were 2" longer.

We are not puppy peddlers and we want you to see exactly what you are buying. You are more than welcome to visit our yards in Northwest Ohio, Central Virginia, and South Central Pennsylvania.

We are proud of our yards and dogs. We would be honored to take you for a day of digging.

In ending, I would say that there is always an exception to the rule. That exception is Mr. Mason from Tennessee. He has established a line of working patterdales and has stayed true to his breeding program for 35 years plus. We are honored to be working his hunting stock.

His number is (931) 389-9565 (no texts, phone calls only).

If you find this notice offensive, then it was meant for you.


Breeding Greats From The Past 
For Todays Work


Hello, my name is Rich Lee from South Central, Pennsylvania. I'm the owner of Prayndig'n Patterdale's. The only reason for this website is to help you (yes, you) prevent making the same mistakes I made years back in buying Patterdale/Fell terriers. This site will also help you buy field-tested equipment. These dogs are not a toy breed and will be the nemesis of the neighborhood if not kept under restraint. I'm not interested in lure coursing, racing, fly ball, or conformation contest. I'm not even an expert on Patterdale/Fell terriers. I don't know much about their pedigrees, color, or coats. I'm not looking for show dogs. I'm looking to breed little terriers (males and females under 14 lbs.) that will stay till dug to!!!

I'm looking for small terriers big enough in heart to find his own sparring partner, keeping his sparring partner backed up in sett waiting on me!!!! I don't care how they do it, mouth-to-mouth or baying, at this time I thank the breeders past, present, and future for breeding the dog's that stay till dug to.


little boy

Hunter takes his dig'n seriously

Before  PWeber  8-08-17

Queen'e working her way out of the earth


Thank you for your interest. Please reach out with questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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